Ten​ured Son Theatre Co.

Lewis J. Morrow as "Rashaad jones"

Lewis J. Morrow has written plays that have been produced or received readings in Kansas, Missouri, California, Florida, Michigan and Las Vegas. However, being a part of this year's Fringe festival is one of the most exciting experiences he has encountered. You can see him later this year in productions by KC Melting Pot including "2121" and "Sunset Baby". He would like to thank this extremely talented cast for buying into this show and making this ridiculous story ridiculously amazing!!!


A play in One Act by Lewis J. Morrow

We are producing a show for the first time in this year's KC Fringe Festival. The show of choice? A One Act Comedy titled "My White Son!"

The Story . . .

My White Son is a horrible tv show; a misguided attempt to merge the wholesome and cheesy style of the 80’s and the edgy, risqué tone of today’s television. It also is the only gig Rashaad Jones and Andy Schiel can get; both immensely talented entertainers who have been all but blacklisted from Hollywood. Now, along with an amazingly gifted actress and an accomplished director, they star as an unlikely father and son duo, resenting every moment and hating themselves for it. Tired of their complaining, the director – a woman who has been cheated far too long by Hollywood but still musters up the strength to be encouraged, initiates a conversation that forces them all to consider who truly has it worse in an industry long clouded by racism and sexism. My White Son (the actual play) is a funny and thought provoking show within a show that hopes to make us see what its like to walk in someone else's shoes . . . . 


nick hazel as "Andy SChiel"

Nick has been a go-to actor for Tenured Son Theatre for three years starring in Misunderstanding the Candy Game, Between Us (One Difference) and earning a nomination for Best Actor in a Regional Play for his turn as the twisted Doc Willard in Enraged the Distance. He's focused on expanding his resume and hopes to work for some of the other local theatres in Kansas City!

​Liz Kerlin as "STevie lang"

Liz Kerlin is excited to be working with this team for her Fringe performance debut. She has been stage managing and performing locally for four years. Favorite past productions include The Oldest Boy (Unicorn Theatre); One Man, Two Guvnors (OCTA); Chainsaw: The Musical (The Living Room.) 

Meet the Cast

Megan Egbadon as "Renita Brown"
Megan Egbadon is excited for her Fringe debut! This show is especially fun for her and adds a new layer to her experience in commercial acting and modeling. Most recently, she has been refining her craft studying with Andy Garrison at the Actor Training Studio.  You may also have seen her featured as Mary in the traveling production "The Thorn," during its stop in Kansas City.