Meet the Cast!

Nick Hazel as ​Macklin

ONE DIFFERENCE - A One Act Play / Staged Reading

June 25th @ the Buffalo Room

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Karis Harrington as ​Durrah

Lewis Morrow as ​Eddie 

Erin Farste as ​Vita

Paul Jones as ​Gregory 

Shannon Cox as Noelle

Greg is an ambitious restaurateur. He's done well for himself and has  been dealt a pretty good hand. Having Noelle only makes that all the more true. Greg and Noelle share a life most couples would covet; they share a beautiful home, similar philosophies, the same goals; the one difference is Greg is black and Noelle is white. Hardly a difference worth noting in 2017 . . . right? Well, perhaps it's at least worth discussing, according to Greg anyways; and he's hell bent on telling everyone why, especially once his little sister, Vita - visits them with her white boyfriend, Macklin. Add a couple more opinionated friends to the  mix and the evening quickly turns into a discussion exposing the stereotypes, cliche's and naivete that exists far  beneath the surface; or sometimes right there in our face. Soon, everyone is left wondering are we supposed to simply accept our differences or embrace them?

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