How does my donation help?

Helps with our Capital Campaign which will end December 2017. The venue we will now use to house all of our productions requires updated lighting and sound, more functional seating for a theatre audience and some basic housekeeping improvements.

- Enables us to pay our actors fair compensation for their services. While we could never pay someone for their talents (it is too invaluable), we can pay them for their time. Now that we have a venue, we will rehearse more and have more productions scheduled which equals more time. Tenured Son Theatre wants to take care of them!

- Helps us discover new stories from emerging playwrights. We have already placed a call for submissions from local and regional playwrights to be apart of our first season. In only a few weeks, over 200 plays have been submitted! We will be spending the next few months selecting a winner and do our best to provide fair royalties as well as travel if needed for the respective playwright to see their show up and running.

- Provides us with the necessary resources to host free acting and writing workshops for local youth. Our interactive workshops which will be held once every two months and will provide free lunch for those who attend in addition to receiving instruction, mentorship and advice from several theatre professionals. 


Whatever your reason, however much, we thank you!!!

We are a recognized 501(c)(3) organization and therefore any and all proceeds that are donated are tax deductible. You will receive a letter confirming your donation for your records. 

Every little bit helps and any donation amount will get your name listed in our programs and on our website in acknowledgement of your amazing support. If you would like to remain anonymous please include this in the message box after selecting one of the links below. 


​How much would you like to give?

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